How to add guests to my event?

There are 3 ways to add guests into an event and they are as below:

  • Adding Manually
  • Adding by copying from other event
  • Adding by Excel/CSV

Adding Manually #

To add one individual guests (maybe for on-site registration) simply follow the steps below:

Adding a guest manually

Adding by importing from other events #

The app has the option of adding guests by copying the same guests from another event. This might be useful if you have repeating events with similar guests. To do that, please follow the steps below:

Copying guests from another event

Adding guests by Excel/CSV #

Now this may not be your first rodeo and you’ve created a spreadsheet to add all the guests in there and want to mass import all of them instead of one-by-one, which can be tedious when you have 200 guests. We have to solution of adding it by Excel/CSV. You can follow the guide from the link below: