How do I Share Events?

Sometimes you might need to have more than one person checking in people. For example, you have multiple gates, it would make sense to have multiple people checking in guests at the same time.

Sharing events allow you to share the event with other collaborators and you can all check guests in together at the same time. Guests check in status are sycned and updated real time on all shared devices. So there are no confusions and the need to compile the check ins afterwards.

To start multi device scanning (share events), do so:

Login/Sign up #

To share events, you must first sign in/up to our services which is extremely easy and all done in app.

  • Click on the Settings Tab and Tap on Sign In

Share (Multi-Device Scan) #

Please be mindful of the email you are adding for your collaborators. This will HAVE to be the email they use to sign up/in.

Now that we have logged you in, you can now share your event with someone to. Follow the steps below to begin.

  • Tap on the event to share and select Share (Multi-Device Scan)

In the event that you have already shared the event before, you will be presented with a screen that shows the other collaborators. Clicking on one + button on top will allow you to add

Removing Users from Share #

Removing users can easily be done by going to the list of shared user and clicking on one of them to remove.

  • Tap on the event to share and select Share (Multi-Device Scan)