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Genshin Impact Pocket Helper

Your pocket companion as you travel across Teyvat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Helper

Make your journey across Teyvat easier! Access Character, weapons, artifacts information on the fly. Be reminded of your Resin, Parametric & Wishes! And much more!

Genshin Impact Pocket Helper is here to make your life easier! No more pausing the game to search through various sources to find critical information.

Get all the characters, artifacts, weapons information right at your fingertip! The pocket helper includes the following features:

– Map – with all the materials marked on the map for easy collection – Character Information
– Ascension materials, experience, level growth and much more
– Weapon Information – Ascension, stats and more
– Artifact Information – Stats rolls, possible sub-stats and more
– Weekly Calendar – Find out which ascension materials are available for your characters/weapon daily
– Wish Tracker – Keep track of all your event, weapon, permanent banner wishes!
– Spiral Abyss – Quickly find out what enemies you’ll be facing on each floor!
– Resin Tracker – Keep track of your current resin without loading the game AND set reminders !
– Character Level up calculator – Quickly calculate the cost to upgrade your character
– Weapon Level up calculator – Quickly calculate the cost to upgrade your weapon
– Parametric Tracker – Never forget to use your Parametric Transformer again!

What are you waiting for? Get all the information now with Genshin Impact Pocket Helper

Aussie Bargain

Your window to the best deals in Australia

Australia's best deals

Aussie Bargain is a mobile app interface for OzBargain, Australia’s favourite deal website, which features over 10,000 deals across the country ranging from Clothing, lifestyle, Automobile, groceries all the way to Computers and travel.

Get access to all the deals and categories and get organized by setting reminders for upcoming deals or saving a deal to read later on!

Get notified immediately of new deals and much more!

Created with aesthetic in mind, Aussie Bargain will quickly become your go to app for browsing your daily deals!

Made for iPhone and Android Devices

Check In Events

Effortless event door management

Effortless Check In

Have an event to manage and need to check in guest with ID to validate their ticket / entry? Easy. 

With Check In Event, create unlimited events and load it up with a pre-defined guest list with your own barcode / QR code. On the day, all you gotta do is stand by the door and scan all guests to validate their entry.

Perfect for small to medium scaled ticketed events with a planned guest list. You can also add guests on the fly or check in manually in advance!

Easily check who arrived and who has yet to arrive as you manage your door like a boss!

Contact Word Game

Fun Family & Friends Word Game

Fun Word Game.

Contact Word Game is a first of its kind mobile adaptation of the famous word game “Contact”! 

Enjoy fun filled sessions with your friends and family members as you try to outwit each other in order to unlock the hidden word and complete the game!
This game is all about wits and trying to outsmart each other! Do you have what it takes?

Enjoy hours of exciting game play among your friends or family members and watch all emotions fly loose as you try to guess the words!


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