If you are reading this because you are affected by the Pro status being removed on your previous purchase, we would like to apologize sincerely. It is absolutely a shame that this issue is going on for so long and you are being penalized for something you have paid for.

We understand your disappointment and please know that we did not abandon our users. We are still hard at work trying to fix the situation.

We have a status update page posted here https://ab.2iins.com/status for users to be aware of any updates we make but if you want to read on what is the issue, continue ahead.

Please know we are still working on it.

Thank you

The Android ecosystem is a treacherous landscape filled with unecessary complications. We develop for both iOS and Android and it is clear by a million lightyears which one is better. This is not bashing on the users or the devices or the companies, but just the way the software engineering part / SDK / APIs / development tools that we have to make the app.

We decided in the very beginning that we were going to code both the iOS and Android version of Aussie Bargain in the native languages rather than cross platform. In hindsight, this was probably not the best option (We were naive then, probably still are).

The level of support you need to provide for the different devices, operating system, models, makes, screen sizes, brands etc makes it a living nightmare to handle. We cannot simply abandon users who are using an older phone but it has reached a point where it is a compromise we are willing to accept.

The issue now resides with a breaking change on Android 12, AKA Snowcone, AKA API Level 30-32 (I know right, so many names/codes to make developer’s lives harder) where our app was simply not built to handle. We are trying to update but the tool for writing Android software (Android Studio) is riddled with bugs, the simulator fails half the time not the mention the hell hole you have to dig out of just to get the simulator running. We are unable to test our app on the simulator properly.

We have identified a potential fix but it is hard to test on simulator. Therefore, we have acquired an older gen phone which we are now attempting to update to Android 12 to try.

We will keep you posted. (Excuse the rant).


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