Updates 30/11

Aussie Bargain v3.5 is out on iOS and Aussie Bargain 3.0 is out on Android. Get them on your respective app stores.

As previously mentioned, we will be cutting notifications on previous versions tonight at 10pm. Once you updated the app on your phone, please go to Aussie Bargain’s setting and re-subscribe to the category you wish to subscribe to.

Sorry for sending so many reminders but we want to make sure that you have uninterrupted notifications.

There is currently an issue in iOS where notifications are not getting images and cannot be opened. We are looking into it.
You can check our status update here:
Service Status

If there are any issues, please use the in-app feedback method in Aussie Bargain to reach out to us.

Thank you


Hello again, just thought we would update you on what it going to happen in a weeks time. As mentioned in our previous post, we are going to change our infrastructure which will disrupt our push notifications. This is code breaking and older versions of Aussie Bargain will no longer receive push notifications.

The break in notification will happen on the night of the 30th of November. We have decided to keep the update for after Black Friday so that you do not miss any deals. But the last notification you will receive on Aussie Bargain v3.1 (and below) for iOS and Aussie Bargain v2.1 (and below) for Android will be on the 30th of November 22:00 AEDT.

We have already released our Beta version of Aussie Bargain Android to some of our beta users and we are currently finishing the iOS version. We will schedule the release of both to be on the 30th or 1st of December. The new platform is ready to go so the moment you update you should get uninterrupted notifications.

Aussie Bargain iOS will be updated to v3.50 while the Android counterpart will be updated to v3.0. When you update to the latest version, you will have to select the category you wish to subscribe to again.

After the release, we are looking at subscribing by topic or keywords rather than the whole category.

Thank you, as always, anything, let us know [Contact us]


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