We have recently released Aussie Bargain 3.0 for iOS which included brand new features and fixed several bugs. We are currently working on the Android version to update it to mimic the features as well.

The reason we are writing this post is because of upcoming changes that are going to affect Aussie Bargain. They are listed below:

Push Notifications

One of the core aspects of the app is to allow users to be updated of the latest deals out, like the $298 drone from Bunnings, as they are released. And to do so, we are constantly pushing out notifications to our users. We were using a platform that could easily handle all the segmentations and number of pushes. However, due to our increasing userbase and recent changes in the platform, we have to, unfortunately, change platform. This will mostly be background work but we will have to release an update to accommodate for that change. This is why we are stressing the following point:

  • As of 01/12/19, Aussie Bargain version 3.0 and below for iOS and 2.0 and below for Android, will no longer receive push notifications. We will have released an update by then for both Android and iOS that will accommodate the change. We recommend you keep the app updated. If you are currently on a version that is below 3.0 on iOS and 2.0 on Android, we suggest you update to the latest version to enjoy the latest features and bug fixes. However, if you choose not to, unfortunately, you will no longer be able to receive any notifications after 01/12/19.
  • Expect a downtime in notifications between the 30/11/19 and 01/12/19. As we start our transition, all notifications will be disabled.

Beta Testers

We value feedback. Because feedbacks are what help us understand our audience and shape the app. So much that we have added an in-app feedback system that allows users to seamlessly, without leaving the app, inform us of any issues or feedbacks they have. We thought of taking a further step to it and allow users to test our apps ahead of release in order to try out new features. If you are interested in signing up for our beta versions, please sign up here:


That is all for our updates this month. As always, if there is anything, please let us know by contacting us.

https://www.2iins.com/#contact-us or contact[at]2iins[dot]com


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