Hello again,

It’s been a crazy week in the bargain world with Black Friday and Cyber Monday! We have sent a total of 4375 push notifications across iOS and Android in just 5 days!

Just wanted to let you know that we have officially moved to a new platform, as mentioned before, for our notifications and older versions of Aussie Bargain will no longer receive any notifications. Only version 3.5 (iOS) and 3.0 (Android) will receive push notifications. If you are wondering why you are not getting any notifications anymore, it is because we are no longer serving old versions. We will be decommisioning old versions soon and usage will be disabled.

Just to point out as well that in our release of 3.5 for iOS, there was a slight issue which was caused by residual files hindering notifications from being received. Please update to 3.51 for iOS to solve this problem.

Now that we have made the major change, it will be a while before we will be shipping major features. We are currently looking into Dark Mode and Notifications by keywords. If you have ideas on how to improve the app, please drop it on our feature request and vote for ideas you wish to see happen: https://productific.com/go/AussieBargain

Also, Beta signup: https://www.2iins.com/aussie-bargain-beta/

Thank you. As always, if there are issues, please contact us either via the in-app feedback feature or email us at contact[at]2iins[dot]com

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