So, this is the story of why we decided to create the OzBargain iPhone app called Aussie Bargain.

You see, I personally am a frugal person and cannot resist a good deal or bargain if it is something that I need or want. Therefore, it is no surprise that I browse a lot of OzBargain, arguably, Australia’s biggest crowd-sourced online deals and bargains website. But when I searched around on the app store, there were only a couple of other apps for OzBargain, one which did not work anymore while the other one is essentially just a web browser with their own ads.

And so I have decided to create Aussie Bargain, a brand new way of browsing OzBargain on your iPhone.

Aussie Bargain allows you to browse your favourite deals website on your iPhone and includes some features that makes it truly unique! The OzBargain iPhone app, Aussie Bargain allows you to:

  • View all your favorite categories from OzBargain
  • Get notified instantly of all new deals!
  • Save a deal to read later!
  • Create reminder for upcoming deals!
  • Seamless viewing of all deals

Yes, in this app, instant push notification is included. No more delays in finding out about deals! Subscribe to either Hot deals or Live deals.

Download it here:

The app is still new and has a few kinks we are working on. Do let us know if you have any suggestions / comments / complaints.
Enjoy OzBargain-ing!


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