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You must be wondering “How do I import my guest into this Check-in Event Manager” and stumbled upon this link. This post should hopefully clear up all the confusion and allow you to import multiple guests easily.

First off, once you are in the app, you’ll need to head over to the Guest List sections (As pictured below)

Once you have the Guest page, click on the Add button (+ sign on Android) and choose Add by Excel/CSV (Add Guest by JSON on Android)

Once that is done, you will be presented with one page which would ask you to put in a code from the website https://www.2iins.com/e
Head on to the website and you will be presented with a page as follows

2iins.com/e/ where you can download the excel/CSV Template

By clicking on the link you will be downloading the CSV file that is prepared to be used in the app. Bare in mind a few things about this
– DO NOT modify the headers as that will break the app or lead to incomplete import
– DO NOT change the format as the application will need the file to be in CSV

Key in your details as needed and press CTRL+S and keeping the format in CSV

Once the file is uploaded, upload the file through the same website https://2iins.com/e/, fill up the captcha and click Submit to upload it. If everything went well, you should be presented with a code as follows:

Copy the Code somewhere

Enter the code displayed into your mobile phone (iOS or Android) as shown below. Please note that the code is CASE-SENSITIVE

Hit on the Import Button (Submit on Android) and Voila! You will get a confirmation message of how many guests it has imported. I hope this guide has been simple enough for you to start adding your guests in.

Happy Check-in!


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